Healthy Business: Change Actions to Change Results

In business, we hear things like: “Change is inevitable.” And “The only constant is change.”. We hear it all the time and most of us have come to understand the fact that change is a part of our lives and will always be a part of business.

Although we have understood the presence of change, I’m not sure that everyone has truly accepted the fact that they need to change in order to keep moving in the desired direction. In business, it is simple: you have a path that you want to your business to go down. As you move down this path, challenges come your way that require you and your team to adjust in order to keep going down that path. If you don’t adjust, you won’t be able to continue. It is like a road block for your business. If something is in your way, you have to change course in order to get around that obstacle.

What if we don’t change?

What happens if we choose not to adjust our course? That’s simple. If you are on a road driving and there is a fallen tree blocking the way, you have to make a choice. You can change and go another way, or you can sit and wait for someone to move the fallen tree. You still have two choices, but one is far more reasonable than the other. I don’t know too many people that would sit and wait for someone to move the tree.

Let’s think about it from a business perspective. If your company is running into a product issue and there seems to be no way to get a product completed without added costs or defects to the product, you have a simple choice to make. You can adjust your process and change how you handle the manufacturing of this product, our you can keep doing it the same way and hope it magically gets better. This sounds a lot like the fallen tree, doesn’t it? If your business is waiting for something to magically happen that will change the results, you will be waiting around for a long time and may never see a solution.

How do we change?

Change is a scary word to many people. In fact, many businesses fear change so much that they are still doing things the same way after 3o years or more. Many businesses have proven systems that have worked for them all this time, but other systems in business are not working, but there is either no alternative or no one wants to change the way they do things.